Bringing Meaning to Jewelry

Liv & B your best!

When I walk into my jewelry studio, I get an overwhelming sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. “How did I get so lucky?,” I often ask myself.  Well, it hasn’t been all luck…, it’s hard but very fulfilling work; a creative process, and it’s making my clients happy that drives me.  I love working with clients to find and create personal meaning through Liv & B jewelry designs.  Special occasion or outfit that needs complemented by the perfect earrings?  Or perhaps you just finished a big race and would like a memorable piece to personalize your accomplishment.

What does jewelry mean to you?

  • Are you nostalgic and love timeless pieces?
  • Are you a fashionista that loves the latest trends?
  • Do you value quality pieces that you feel luxurious in?
  • Do you love to connect with the energy from the stones when you wear them?
  • Do you love to wear jewelry that no one else has?

When you shop Liv & B, YOU can have it all.  Jewelry is not only a fashion statement, it’s a way of expressing yourself or connecting yourself with deeper meaning through gemstone healing.

Liv & B was born through the creative efforts of my family.  Liv is my 12-year-old, creative daughter, and B is my very wise, 15-year-old son.  Our mission at Liv & B is to bring meaning to jewelry so that YOU connect and establish a personal connection with your piece.  We pay close attention to detail and quality in every little piece of art.

As a jewelry artist I get my influences from many different things…, nature, my family, and of course, my wonderful creative clients.  What drives me is to bring a smile to a client’s face; to see a face light up when their Liv & B design comes to life.


Me, and the Real “Liv & B

(my daily inspirations!)


I grew up in Canada with a very talented Mother who was known around town as the other “Martha Stewart” She was a stained glass artist, florist, baker from scratch and talented seamstress. (My sister and I were her walking advertisements in the 70’s and we rocked that floral!). My creative gene kicked in after college. I was trained as a classical Homeopath in Canada, but I married a handsome American boy and he whisked me away to live in Anchorage, Alaska. My degree didn’t transfer over in the States so I kept myself busy doing the next best thing…Making babies and crafting. Fast forward to 2017, I have found that my passion for homeopathic medicine and jewelry have found their place in this world. I like to treat each client as an individual, no two women are alike, nor should they have the exact same piece of jewelry as someone else! I love to vary pieces to suit the individuals needs. I love to create pieces with high quality gemstones to enhance your best inner qualities as well as beautify your outside look. Liv & B was born from an idea my son came up with, while visiting California. He was playing around with letters in a store and formed their nick names into a scrabble tile saying. It all clicked form there! Liv & B are not only my kids, but it’s a state of mind. Liv & B your best is one of our favorite motto’s. All of our jewelry has significance through gemstone therapy. Liv & B relaxed, happy, confident, loved etc…

Some of Liv & B’s accomplishments are being juried into an elite group, called the “Artisan Group” in Hollywood. This talented group of handmade artisans provide their creations to Hollywood Shows, Events and National Magazines. Take a look at what we’ve been up to on our Press Page!

We are currently based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We love the outdoor life and creativity flows through our veins when are out on our hikes.

What is your taste? Will it be Classic, Modern or Traditional?

I would LOVE to work with you and design that perfect piece!
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