liv&b classic

This collection is for the woman who is a true beauty, inside and out. Someone who appreciates the finer things in life without all the hype. This woman can find beauty in the everyday by wearing simple yet elegant jewelry to enhance her characteristics. A classic woman is in touch with her femininity and not afraid to challenge herself and never compete like a girl. She is confident and capable. She can wear any classic style and pull it off like a rockstar. This collection is composed of simple and elegant metals for the everyday.

A classic woman is kind, loving, giving, empathetic and caring. It’s not about being flashy. She has inner beauty and she presents herself with style and elegance. She doesn’t wear a chip on her shoulder and exudes kindness to everyone. She doesn’t need to have flashy pieces to define her. This collection is simple elegance. No gemstones have been added, and the simplicity of metal speaks for itself. Liv & B Classic.